2020 Recap

Sorry but I’m a little late for the 2020 recap. In so many ways it has been the best year and the worst year for me. As a business owner and a contractor it has been one of the busiest years of my life. SmartHomes remains one of the few companies to offer full renovation services and deferring payments for up to 14 months no interest or payment until closing. In response to a changing public need, we have added other services to our platform. We can assist you with buying or selling your home. We can also help in transitioning, downsizing, investment or vacation properties. And finally my passion project, Foreclosure Rescue. Yes, we are saving families from losing their homes. (6 so far)
Our company has expanded from Virginia, DC and Maryland into Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Charlotte NC and Tampa/Clearwater Florida with Chicago, NYC, WV and Atlanta coming in ’21.
There have been many hurdles along the way. The many challenges the pandemic has placed on us, severely limited building supplies. The travel restrictions and curfews implemented in various states. Especially going job to job and seeing how it affects my crews and their families.
We had a few crew members become very ill and passed it to their families. I’ve lost a few dear friendships and relationships but as life so often does, found some new ones along the way.
I was in New York early in the pandemic. I will never forget walking down 1st Avenue and not seeing another person for several blocks. Walking past Bellevue and seeing the refrigeration trucks and the hundreds of sick people in and around the hospital.  Seeing many of my friends lose their jobs and life savings, reading post after post about people suffering financially, physically, mentally and driving past food banks and seeing dozens of cars lined up for food. Unimaginable and absolutely heartbreaking. Seeing the amount of suffering over the past year has made me a better person and a better contractor. Reflecting on 2020, I am extremely grateful. I am grateful that in spite of working every single day, I have remained healthy. I’m grateful to be walking again after my back injury. I’m grateful Betty is still healthy and alive. I’m grateful to have friends, a home, food and a job. Something a shocking number of others can’t say. And finally grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients and the support from each of you. Every recommendation, like, share and comment just widens our platform and I am so deeply privileged to be in a position to serve you. As a reminder to you all, my team remains at your service. ~Bill