Check up from your deck up

What's included on the check up:

  1. Roof Inspection. Inspect exterior and interior for leaks.
  2. Facia Inspection. Inspect for wood rot paint chipping and water damage.
  3. Gutter Cleaning. Clean gutters of debris.
  4. Insulation Inspection. Inspect for missing or damaged insulation.
  5. Dryer vents cleaning.
  6. GFI Inspection. Kitchen and bathroom.
  7. Smoke detectors. Check for functioning and battery replacement.
  8.  Inspection of kitchen and bathroom caulk.
  9.  Clean refrigerator coils.
  10. Replacement of HVAC filter.
  11. Inspect and test HVAC
  12. Hot water heating system Inspection.
  13. Inspection of kitchen and bathroom sink traps.
  14.  Sump pump Inspection and cleaning.
  15. Deck Inspection.

Take advantage of our Spring Special:

  • $500 Single story homes 2500 square feet or less.
  • $650 2500 square feet to 3000 Single story homes
  • $750 2 Story home 2500 square feet or less
  • $1000 3 stories or more and homes 3000 square feet to 5000
  • Homes 5000 square feet and more contact for pricing

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