Happy Maryland Day!

Maryland Day is a holiday celebrated annually on March 25th in the state of Maryland, located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The holiday commemorates the founding of the state of Maryland and its role in the history of the United States.

On March 25, 1634, a group of English settlers arrived at St. Clement’s Island, located in what is now St. Mary’s County, Maryland. They were led by the Catholic nobleman Lord Baltimore, who had been granted a charter by King Charles I to establish a colony in the New World where Catholics could worship freely.

The arrival of the settlers marked the beginning of the colony of Maryland, which became an important center of trade and commerce in the 17th and 18th centuries. The colony was also known for its religious tolerance, with Catholics and Protestants living side by side and practicing their respective faiths without persecution.

Today, Maryland Day is celebrated with a variety of events and activities across the state. Many schools and museums offer special programs and exhibits highlighting Maryland’s history and culture. Some communities hold parades or reenactments of the landing of Lord Baltimore and the first settlers. The holiday is also an occasion for Marylanders to celebrate their state’s unique heritage and identity.

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We love you Old Line State.